Reference Documentation

Microsoft Developer Network F# Language Reference

F# 2.0 Language Specification (PDF)

Windows Forms API Reference

Mono Documentation

Other F# blogs

Don Syme’s WebLog on F# Main creator of F# at Microsoft Research

hubFS – Major F# community site

Heart of Sharpness – The Microsoft Research F# Team blog

Inside F# – Brian McNamara from Microsoft Research

F# News – Jon Harrop (Flying Frog Consultancy)

The F# Survival Guide – The CTO Corner


Stefano Ricciardi – F#

ThomasP.Net – Tomas Petricek’s homepage (Don Syme PhD student)


Beginning F# by Robert Pickering

Expert F# by Don Syme

Needful things

Comparison of F#, Ocaml and other functional languages

Various subjects on F# and functional programming

Subtyping, Subclassing, and Trouble with OOP

Why Functional Programming Matters


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