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ASP.NET Webforms and Event Handling

To create more active server pages as done in the first example, it is necessary to add code and reference elements of a page. The most simple way is to add a script section in the ‘index.aspx’ source. It may … Continue reading

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ASP.NET with F# and Mono

ASP.NET is the implementation of server-side code based on .NET to create dynamic web pages. Mono does support ASP.NET with some additional configuration F# can also be used to create dynamic web content. As we need multiple elements to work … Continue reading

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Embedded WebBrowser

Parsing and displaying HTML and Web content is an overwhelmingly complex issue. If you want to just display rich text inside your application (e.g. documentation) you usually need to rely on an external parser library. Luckily, Winforms provides an embedded … Continue reading

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