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Installing F# and tools on Linux, Mono and other platforms

Register Mono / F# executables on Linux

It is kind of inconvenient to have to type ‘mono foo.exe’ every time you want to execute a mono executable on Linux. However, Linux offers a kernel module ‘binfmt_misc’ which allows to register customer binary formats and define how they … Continue reading

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Installing MySql Connector for Mono

DOTNET and Mono by default only support database connections to the Microsoft SQL Server through System.Data.SqlClient module. To make a connection to the MySQL server you need a connector module from MySQL. Proceed with the following steps to obtain and … Continue reading

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Mono 2.8 has been released

Mono 2.8 has been released (Release Notes). The main improvement is the offical support of C# 4.0 and .NET profile 4.0 plus a lot of additional libraries such as MVC. Installation packages for Mono 2.8 can be found here.

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Installing the F# PowerPack on Linux / Mono

The F# PowerPack is an open source collection of libraries provided by the Microsoft F# team on top of the standard distribution. It can be found here. It is recommended to always install the F# PowerPack when using F#. 1. … Continue reading

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Installing F# 2.0 on Mono/Linux

Yes, you can program F# on Linux. Thanks to the Mono project supported by Novell, the F# SDK provided by Microsoft can be run on Linux using the Mono CLR on Linux. You need to perform the following steps on … Continue reading

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