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Mono 2.10 released – includes F#

Mono 2.10 has been released. Mono now includes F#, look here for details. Major highlights: Google Native Client Support New Profiler engine Faster socket stack Improved Parallel Framework SGen Precise Stack Scanning and Many performance improvements. Unified MonoTouch/Monodroid runtime support … Continue reading

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F# is Open Source

Don Syme announced on 4th of November 2010 that the F# compiler and core libraries are released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license, you may download it here. I think it is unprecedented that a commercially developed languages … Continue reading

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Due to job priorities I will be offline for some time. Thanks for your patience 😉

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Mono 2.8 has been released

Mono 2.8 has been released (Release Notes). The main improvement is the offical support of C# 4.0 and .NET profile 4.0 plus a lot of additional libraries such as MVC. Installation packages for Mono 2.8 can be found here.

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Interactive Session #8: Pipeline Operator

The pipeline operator |> is a quite unique feature of F#, it allows to connect functions which take one argument together by passing the result of one function to the next. > let add1 x = x+1.0;; val add1 : … Continue reading

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