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Digital Signal Processing #1

The following example uses sequence and array operators to implement a simple digital filter. The example builds on the previous WAV I/O example. A digital filter frequently needs multiply-add operators, these may be implemented using Array.map2 > let fx = … Continue reading

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Reading and writing WAV audio files

The following example shows simple reading and writing (and later processing) of WAV audio files using File.ReadAllBytes, File.WriteAllBytes and BitConverter. > open System.IO;; > File.ReadAllBytes;; val it : string -> byte [] = <fun:clo@4> > File.WriteAllBytes;; val it : string … Continue reading

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Efficient Sequence Operators: Seq.breakBy

I wanted to create a sequence function which would break a sequence into a number of equally sized chunks (e.g. to create a sequence of 4 byte arrays out of a byte stream to pass it to System.BitConverter). Here is … Continue reading

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Register Mono / F# executables on Linux

It is kind of inconvenient to have to type ‘mono foo.exe’ every time you want to execute a mono executable on Linux. However, Linux offers a kernel module ‘binfmt_misc’ which allows to register customer binary formats and define how they … Continue reading

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Mono 2.10 released – includes F#

Mono 2.10 has been released. Mono now includes F#, look here for details. Major highlights: Google Native Client Support New Profiler engine Faster socket stack Improved Parallel Framework SGen Precise Stack Scanning and Many performance improvements. Unified MonoTouch/Monodroid runtime support … Continue reading

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Basic MySQL Transactions

The following example shows how to access a MySQL database with F# on Mono. To try it out, please install the MySQL NET/Connector in advance. Firstly, lets create an example database and a mysql user account. ~> mysql -u root … Continue reading

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Installing MySql Connector for Mono

DOTNET and Mono by default only support database connections to the Microsoft SQL Server through System.Data.SqlClient module. To make a connection to the MySQL server you need a connector module from MySQL. Proceed with the following steps to obtain and … Continue reading

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F# is Open Source

Don Syme announced on 4th of November 2010 that the F# compiler and core libraries are released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license, you may download it here. I think it is unprecedented that a commercially developed languages … Continue reading

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Due to job priorities I will be offline for some time. Thanks for your patience 😉

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ASP.NET Webforms and Event Handling

To create more active server pages as done in the first example, it is necessary to add code and reference elements of a page. The most simple way is to add a script section in the ‘index.aspx’ source. It may … Continue reading

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